I’m Boring. No, I’m Inspired!

I recently said to my husband, Chris, that I felt sad to not have any hobbies. His response was eye-opening and a little funny too.

“What do you mean, you don’t have hobbies,” he asked. “You are always moving furniture around and decorating the house.” I told him I didn’t think of that as a hobby, but a necessity to home ownership – one needs to make it pretty. E. Roosevelt Quote

He countered with, “What about writing? You love to write.” I objected again reminding him that I work in marketing and public relations – writing is just a skill I must keep sharp.

Finally, in a desperate attempt to remind me that I’m not a boring person with no interests, he said, “Paper! You love paper and planners. You buy them all the time and get so excited to put your dates, appointments, special moments, plans and to-do lists in them. You love the pageantry of it all. That’s a hobby”

I wanted to remind him that every good woman keeps a schedule, and the best women put time in to making that schedule pretty, but I decided to give his point of view some thought.

So, I decided to get excited about these things. I have an inspired life, and I have inspired homestead. I found that little fire in me that makes me utterly joyful spending hours moving pictures, plates and special treasures around on the shelves of my hutch.

Welcome to my home, my life and my crazy stories. I hope I can help you find your very own inspired homes.

xo EM

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