My True Love

On a November day, my Dad checked into the hospital for surgery. My parents arrived a bit early and popped into the gift shop where Mom found this Santa that says “My One True Love” on it. She wanted it badly, and Dad knew it.

Skipping ahead – Dad spent Thanksgiving in a coma as well as their anniversary on Nov. 30 as things didn’t go so well. But, he had the foresight to ask my brother to make sure, no matter what, my mom got this on their anniversary. After all, through 35+ years of ups and downs, she was his one true love.

Eventually, Dad woke up, and we had one final Christmas as a family (a dinner of KFC in the hospital gathering room). This is my second Christmas since Mom joined Dad in Heaven and I’m now sitting here as my one true love puts up our tree and sees to it that every precious memory I have is honored. We are getting a head start this year, which lets me know my heart is healing and my memories of loved ones will always be with me. 

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