Merry and Bright

I am someone who needs brightness in my life. I like open curtains with beams of sunshine bursting through, and I love color. But, I also love a bright white and simply decorated room.

Chris and I have an interesting house with what we affectionately call “The Lady Room” serving as the main living space (this is an addition to the house) and “The Man Room” serving as Chris’ sacred, untouched place to find his own manly inspiration (this was the original living room). From my perspective, the biggest difference between the two is I have no say in how The Man Room is decorated. From Chris’ perspective, the biggest difference is he has a better t.v. and there aren’t so many rules in The Man Room.

The Lady Room is currently our most colorful. I’ve opted for shades of navy, gray, black and blush (which, by the way, mimic the colors of our wedding) with pops of white and lots of wood tone. This room opens into the kitchen, which is white and pulls in tones of teal. More on that later.

So, when it comes to our Christmas tree, I stuck with a mix of white and color lights and we put all of our childhood ornaments on it. This tree is not a decorator’s dream tree, it is an expression of our individual family histories and the beginnings of our story together.

Yes, I too have a flocked tree with woodland creatures in my house (I’m only human after all … damn you Joanna Gains!), but that tree is tucked away in another part of the house and I’ll share it another time.

For now, my wish for you is that – just like The Lady Room – all your Christmases be bright.

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