Drop-in Gifts for Everyone

Hey Y’all! Can you believe we are already into the holiday season? It seems like 2017 has flown by. But, the older I get, the faster time feels like it is moving double speed – probably because my body is moving at half speed.

One thing that always gives me anxiety this time of year is getting caught without a gift for someone. Let’s be honest, there is always some well-meaning, lovely person who throws the game off with her extension of a kind token of holiday cheer. How DARE her for being so dang kind! Or, I’ll be heads down at work all week and forget to grab a hostess gift for a Friday evening party. Then, I look like the jerk who thinks my shining personality is present enough (but, isn’t it, though?)!

Well, fear not, fellow giftless gals. I’ve got some ideas that you can keep on hand – without breaking the bank – to ensure you are never caught without some of holiday cheer!

This haul is courtesy of Target, and the majority of the gifts from the dollar spot!  The key, for me, is I’ve selected things that I love and I know most of my friends will love. That way, I’m likely to have a good gift choice no matter what. And, for an added bonus, anything I don’t give away can happily stay with me for Christmas! Woot!

stop by gifts 3

The most expensive thing on this tray of thoughtfulness is the tray itself. Everything else is under $5.

Jars, canisters, containers, boxes … anything that holds something is always a great gift – if not just a great way to deliver a gift. This Hello Wonderful jar is filled with chamomile tea, but could be filled with anything from hot cocoa to cotton balls. And, the simple white jar with the evergreen (holiday pun intended) message makes this a gift that can be given and used after the holiday.

A touch of whimsy in the form of this rustic fa la la plaque is a sweet and simple gift that will leave your friend in the holiday spirit. You really can’t go wrong with something covered in glitter, can you? And, to make it better, this is a direct score from the dollar stop.

stop by gifts

Coffee, tea, milk, cocoa or something spiked – it doesn’t matter what you are drinking, a fun mug is always in style. Both of these stopped me in my tracks at the dollar spot today. I might drop some candies in these, wrap them in cellophane and twine and keep them at the ready for coffee drop-ins this year.

hand towels 1

I learned at an early age that a tea towel is a wonderful gift. And, I always have holiday tea towels at the ready for my guests and our own personal use (yes, I allow use of these towels even when guests aren’t around!). These towels come in packs of two and are just so sweet. Give these alone or package up with some cookies (or wine) for a quick and thoughtful gift.

Friends – all these items (including the cookies) represent about a $25 investment, but they will bring endless joy to someone (really, multiple someones) who know you want them to feel special this holiday season. With simple gift ideas like this, you’ll be ready for any drop-in visitor, holiday hostess gifts or those unexpected ‘uh oh, I didn’t think we were doing gifts’ moments. And, at these prices, you can frost everyone this year!

May your days be merry and bright.

Xo – EM

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