4 Ways to Design a Holiday Hutch

This week was a busy one. I live in Atlanta and work in D.C., so you can imagine I spend a lot of time on planes. On the flight home Friday night, my mind began to drift to the hutch in my kitchen. There is a lot of decorating real estate on that hutch that I have yet to take full advantage of for the holidays, so I decided (somewhere over North Carolina) that I simply couldn’t get two full days into December without switching over to a holiday hutch.

After stripping my hutch of its usual decor, I layered tree clippings around the top (pro tip: your local Lowes often has a bin of free clippings). With that complete, I began placing, moving and styling away, and before I knew it, I’d come up with four very different holiday hutches to share with you today.

The Foundational Hutch

This hutch is clean and simple. It follows my basic rules of hutch design (which I will share with you tomorrow) and leaves a lot of space to add more decor as the season goes on. This style is best for minimalist decorators, those who are just getting started in decorating, and those who like to change their decor often.

IMG_9537The Functional Hutch

This hutch speaks to the fact that I thrive in a lived in home. I have plates, bowls and glasses. I use them daily, and I need a space that is functional in addition to beautiful.  This holiday hutch is best for people who need to store frequently used items, but want to add a touch of holiday whimsy.

The Themed Hutch

This hutch pulls in more patterns and opportunities to play around with layering.  This hutch is best for people who have a strong vision and plenty of similar items (like the red and black check) that can be used in various areas of the hutch to draw the theme out.

The Happy Hutch

And, finally, there is the one that just made me happy. This one mixes my daily hutch decor with Christmas and gave me a chance to do a lot of layering. This hutch is best for people who have pieces they want to keep out year round and holiday pieces they want to mix in. I’ve also not been too afraid to work in my accent color (blue/teal) in with bold holiday colors.

Up closeIMG_9611close leftNo pillows

There you have it – holiday hutches, 4 ways! I hope you found a little bit of inspiration in this. Rest assured, if you follow me on Instagram or Pintrest, you’ll see more holiday hutches as the season goes on!

I hope you enjoy creating your very own holiday hutch!

xo – EM

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