Anatomy of a Hutch – Holiday Edition

Yesterday, I shared four holiday hutches with you, and I referenced some tried and true rules I tend to follow when styling a hutch (pro tip: these rules also work great for bookshelves).

As promised, Here’s those rules for your reference! Happy styling.

Visually Divide Your Space

Think of the hutch as several smaller spaces in which you can design vignettes. My hutch is split down the middle, so that gives me six easy vignettes to consider.


Add … Then Edit, Edit, Edit

This is very similar to the fashion rule that you should always remove the last accessory you put on before leaving the house. Here, you’ll see that I started with a very minimalist design. I kept moving and placing until I ended up with the right balance for me.


Aspire to Various Heights

Use items of various heights to keep the eye moving across the hutch. The more your eyes dance across a beautiful design, the more your heart will sing.


Keep it Congruent with Similar Elements

Draw some of the same (or similar) elements into more than one vignette. In this design, I focused on moving the eye across my hutch with elements of wood.


Layer on the Lovely

Layer your decor to give the hutch depth and richness. The goal isn’t one item per vignette; the goal is layering pieces into each vignette. A great way to do this is setting plates or wooden pieces across the back of the hutch. Here you’ll see I’ve layered a frame in front of a silver platter and a cake plate in front of the frame. And, for bonus points, I’ve layered pie plates on the cake plate.


Do What Makes You Happy

At the end of the day, you want to love your hutch. Don’t get too caught up in rules of design or things you see on Instagram and Pintrest – or even my blog! I offer up tips and tricks, but you might take these and come up with your own winter wonderland. If your hutch makes you happy when you walk by it. You’ve nailed it!

close left.jpg


Cheers to your holiday hutch!

xo – EM

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