A Dog’s Life

Oh, Murphy. All that personality in a tiny little man! Murphy is our 12-year old Japanese Chin. He has his own stories to tell, and he’ll tell them here. Keep scrolling to see life through a dog’s eyes.

Murphy Shania Twain
“Channeling my inner Shania Twain.”
Murphy featured image
“My favorite time of year! When I get to use the Christmas tree skirt as my 7th bed in this house!”
“I’m dreaming of a wold where flash photography DOESN’T happen during nap time.”
“Yes, I see that you are brunching. I also see that there is some ham on that plate with my name on it.”
“I’ll own this city in no time.”
“Two hours in traffic and I didn’t make any friends!! I tried, but everyone just looked at their phones and missed me.”
old don't care
“When bae is old and just stops caring.”
baby murphy
“Let’s not force this to happen.”
“when bae puts on a few pounds, but you both pretend his fox sweater still fits.”
fleece me before I'm ready
“I’ll put my river vest on when I’m good and ready woman! How dare you fleece me before I’m ready!”


checkin out the river
“No big – just a couple of guys checkin’ out a river.”
I want my dad
You can swaddle me in leopard blankets all you want woman, I’m still looking for my Dad.
new hair Murphy
“Great – they are both trying something new with their hair.” #fail
Murphy co pilot
“I’m his co pilot. He needs me to help him search the interwebs.”

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